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Holochain is building tools to transcend blockchain bottlenecks

The corporatization of the web in the past two decades has shown that the best attempts to connect humans on their own terms can be thwarted. But why must everyone be stripped of their privacy, autonomy, and dignity to connect?

The information economy thrives when everyone who generates information can also steward that information. We can end the monopolies hoarding our information on centralized servers, controlling its flow. That’s why we’re creating a web that builds user autonomy directly into its architecture and protocols. We’ve combined some of the best of blockchains and bittorrent to power a flexible platform scalable enough to run Facebook.

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At root, information is about people who inform and thus transform one another. Data is about remembering our lived and shared experiences.

We are building a way to store data online that makes creating apps and connecting with people better. Distributing the storage of data may sound abstract, but we think it can shift how humans coordinate. With the power of digital connection under user control, we connect more wisely. The Internet turns into a means of complementing and supporting life offline–and one should not have to be a programmer to control how they connect with others. We are building the Holo ecosystem to harmonize with the shift from simply using applications towards participating in them.

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