Bristol, UK | December 9 & 10 2017

Theme: Distributed Crypto-Apps

Calling all coders, designers and social/environmental activists. Join us for an ethical hackathon!

Make distributed computing apps and develop ideas for decentralised power structures.

Use a next-gen platform, better than blockchain, with easy tools for Rapid App Development. Weave new patterns of community with truly peer-to-peer self-governance. Secure personal data ownership & privacy.

Holochain is designed from the ground up to support community development on any scale.

Attend to find:

  • Technical development support: Expert technologists and Holochain Core developers teaching rapid prototyping and available for support throughout the event.
  • Community Solutions: a participative exploration of how distributed computing can support community projects. Local community developers and Village Lab, major partners of Holochain bringing their wealth of experience in participatory community work.
  • Refreshments and prizes

Looking for ideas? extensions to the Bristol Pound; local news and social feeds; loyalty cards shared between independent retailers; “FairBnB”; cryptovoting; ridesharing; social activism; and community development – Collaboration in all forms!
See our Ideation board for further inspirations for a distributed app ecosystem.

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Raw Space
111 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AT
Saturday 9am-10pm | Sunday 10am-4.30pm

Facilitated by

  • Christopher Reay
  • Ray Powell
  • John Kellas