Arthur Brock

Culture hacker, software architect, and alt.Currency geek who spends too much time on working on things that don't yet exist.

Eric Harris-Braun

Code monkey, lover of all things meta, grammars, expressions, receptors, current-sees and more.

Ferananda Ibarra

Culture crafting, collective intelligence and new paradigm economics geek in love with experience design and facilitation. Currency designer in the making.

Jean Russell

Expert at cultivating flows and transforming ideas into thriving organizations. Always looking for the highest leverage points for us to shift from the world we have toward the world we want.

Nicholas Perrin

Media and Communication Analyst, Culture Hacker working towards more equitable interfaces that express our most diverse potentials.

Matthew Schutte

Political Philosopher and privacy advocate who focuses on creating tools and guidance for helping communities (and other organizations) adapt and thrive in a fast changing world.

Celestial Hanley

Believes design can change the way people engage with their world and is helping to build that world as one where people have the tools and agency in common to create, communicate, and collaborate.

Jarod Holtz

Marketplace of ideas analyst, tinkerer, relentless seeker of greater global collaboration.

Meg Skelton

The grounding rod. Taking things from the ethereal into reality. Working to bring dignity and agency back to the people.

Emaline Friedman

Passion for spinning complex ideas into human language. Believes we should be the social engineers of our social lives.

Nicolas Luck

Hacker, coder, bridger, change-agent and cyber-shaman working towards the technological manifestation of the noosphere. Former blockchain enthusiast who likes to think outside the blocks.

Christopher Reay

Coder, technical guru, and deep heart protector. Working to be the bridge we want to see in the world.

Micah Jefferson

Listener, doer, and space holder. My mantra is compassionate creativity.

Robert Best

Curious connector and collective intelligence catalyst. Our collective intelligence is a resource that I help to curate, catalyze, and co-create.

Raymond Powell

Dedicated to serving to bridge humanity into a new paradigm that includes engineering systems that allow humans to recognize the possibility of a new way of life on the planet.

Erin McGuire

Fresh perspective and a design thinking background with a unique blend of creativity and analytical capacity.

Laureli Shimayo

Body psychology coach, ThriveTypes intuitive eye reader and connectress of purpose, passion and productivity. Empowering authenticity, collaboration and transformation of people intra- and inter-actions.

Jimmy Lusero

Drawin, paintin, writin, recordin, singin, beat makin, and hot cookin in the kitchen. Thats my path. DripDrop nonstop!

Giancarlo Sandoval

Hackathon Organizer. Logical, pragmatic thinker and objective-oriented. I bring coordination and organization!

Anders Aamodt

Summoning ways to pair holographic organizational design with ARG (alternative reality game) design to create immersive non-capitalist worlds and challenging activist communities for us to inhabit.